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“Don’t Bet Against PatternCast”

2022-02-02, Wednesday

There are lots of ways to waste your money. We suggest you don’t waste it trading against PatternCast. What happened on Wednesday is a good lesson in why.

The Easiest Money You’ll Make All Day!

30 points in the first 30 minutes ain’t bad. Even on a day when the market tanked!

Market Got Destroyed, PatternCast Shined

2022 January 20, Thursday

What if I told you PatternCast gave you a buy, and a sell, on a day the market imploded? And, what if you could have put at least 100 S&P points in your pocket on a day the market was destroyed? Would that be of interest to you? Watch our new video for what PatternCast offered today.

Where Were You at 5:44 PM?

2022 January 19, Wednesday

If you are old like me, or just forgetful, maybe you don’t know where you were at 5:44 PM. It’s a good question, though. Watch our new video for why.

PatternCast Got So Much Right Today!

2022 January 18, Tuesday

PatternCast got the open, intraday move down, move up again, and the close right today. Truly spectacular. It’s why we don’t trade against PatternCast – and, neither should you.