2022 Can Be Your Best Trading Year Ever!

My name is Don Collins and I’ve been trading ES Futures for over a decade. I’m in there now trading every single day.

A few years back I was struggling to be consistent and I got tired of losing money. I needed a better way.

That’s when I set out to create a “system” I could just trade purely mechanically – without all the stress and frustration that comes along with making decisions based on indicators and technical analysis.

I made it my mission to find something that would turn things around and give me an edge. I needed to be a profitable trader because that’s how I feed my family and pay my bills.

That’s when I started my journey of analyzing historical market data. I knew there had to be a way to use “patterns” in the market to give me the edge I needed. It took about 8-years of hard work, trial and error and thousands of hours to create something that works – but now I have it. Now I’m trading my system every single day with my own real money.

The Software System I created is called PatternCast.
If you’re struggling to be consistently profitable in the market – or could profit from the insight of knowing what the market is likely to do tomorrow – keep reading below as I explain what PatternCast is and what it does – and how it can help you be a much better trader.

PatternCast –  Predictive Data Models

What if you knew tonight – what the market is going to do tomorrow?

I know that sounds crazy, but listen to this. “Predictive Models” are certainly nothing new. All the big Wall Street firms and institutions have rooms full of programmers and quants – scientists and analysts. Their job is to crunch data – analyze the market – and determine the best course of action going forward. As a matter of fact, historical market data and stats are more prevalent on Wall Street than they are in the National Baseball League.

It’s no mystery that practically everyone studies “what happened in the past” to attempt to determine what might occur in the future. It’s not like Fortune telling or using some sort of a Crystal ball – it’s all based on quantifiable data and the FACT that history and patterns repeat. After all, everything that happens in the market is based on Human Nature and that doesn’t change. History rhymes.

Trading is a game of probabilities and odds. If we know “statistically” what to expect – we have an edge. And that “edge” is extremely valuable. That’s why all those “stats” are so important to the big guys.

PatternCast forecasts – what the SPY will do tomorrow – with an incredibly high accuracy rate.

The PatternCast algorithms’ output is historically-significant evidence that a statistically-likely set of parameters are probable.

What you choose do with that information is up to you. In other words you can choose to trade SPY, options on SPY, or ES Futures. We don’t tell you how to trade or what to trade – the algo is simply providing us with the likely directional move – from the market open to close.

PatternCast is for traders that want to profit from the “primary move of the market session” – Not day trading every wiggle on the intraday chart. You will see that taking one good trade each market session is far superior and less stressful than trying to scalp or daytrade.

Here’s Why PatternCast Will Improve Your Trading Results:

Every single day you will go into the trading session knowing what to expect. You’ll already know in advance which direction the market is likely to trend that day.

You will know what kind of Range to expect form the market each day. You will know exactly what the odds and probabilities are – based on accurate historical data and prior “patterns” that have occurred.

It will help prevent you from losing money – by getting the direction wrong. The PatternCast Signal will offer uncanny clarity and insight into the upcoming market session – so you won’t get the direction wrong and you can use this “unfair advantage” to trade like an expert.

PatternCast is a “black box” that uses high-level, proprietary pattern-recognition, to predict movements in financial data.

PatternCast is based on the following question:

Are there ways to look at patterns of trading in the past, that would indicate what may take place in the future, with any statistical relevance?

We believe we’ve cracked the code on using historical market data to tell us what to expect next. A lot of times people come up with systems that they have tested over a short period of time, or even maybe a year or two. But when expanded out over the larger picture, we come to find out what looked good over the short term (by that I mean less than 10-20 years) doesn’t pan out over the long term.

The PatternCast Scan looks back over 28 years of historical data, then we backtest those results to verify everything. The patterns it detects are based on decades of trading over hundreds of instruments. Then that data is filtered through multiple signal generating algorithms into one “master” signal.

PatternCast is in essence, a pattern recognition software program. However it goes much deeper than that and you’ll find a lot more information about it here on the website. However, all the complexity that is hidden behind the scenes is boiled down to a simple – “buy or sell at the open” for each trading day. Delivered right to you by email the night before.

Imagine what you can do with by simply knowing – with a high degree of probability – which direction the market is going to go tomorrow? Do you think you could make money off that insight?

You will go into each trading session with your Signal from the night before. The signal will be to Buy or Sell at the open of the next trading session. Everything is done “robotically” with state-of-the-art algorithms and no human intervention. These are 100% system-generated signals which we personally trade every day with real money.

PatternCast has developed into what’s now the most advanced, data-driven daily strategy guidance for retail traders. It’s unchallenged now in respect to interpretation of patterns in market data, filtering and signal generation.

Take Your Trading to the Next Level with PatternCast Quad-Scan Technology

Let’s face it. There’s a plethora of “historical market analysis” out there.

“In years when the market did such and such the following year it did this”
“Last time the S&P did this x number of days, the next week it was up”
“So goes January, so goes the market”

Wall Street, traders, and investors are enamored with analyzing what the market did in the past to try and get a glimpse of what it might do in the future. You see historical market stats everywhere – so there much be something to it. But PatternCast is different. PatternCast analyzes 28 years of data on hundreds stocks and sectors in what you might call a 3-Dimensional look at the “internals”. The computational power of our scan is a story for another time, but suffice it to say that every single possible permutation of historical analysis is analyzed and filtered down to give us one simple output – what is the market likely to do tomorrow – and what is the degree of probability?”

What makes it even better is this: The signals are typically intended to be traded from Open to Close. No need to worry about the intraday gyrations. When PatternCast issues a “Buy at the Open” signal, we simply go long at the opening bell and plan to hold until the close. Now there are many days where PatternCast will provide a “Max Potential” and you obviously want to sell if that target is reached. But many days the signal is simply a directional alert and you don’t sweat the intraday wiggles. Occasionally PatternCast will give a signal to buy or sell SPY ONLY at a certain price, so you simply wait to see if SPY trades at that level. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

PatternCast provides a valuable, and significant, statistical edge for trading.

Thanks to its extensively back-tested evolution over the last few years, the PatternCast service has reached a level of reliability which gives you the confidence to trade based on the likelihood of a directional move from open to close – with uncanny accuracy. Sometimes it might almost feel like “cheating!”

You will love the simplicity and laser focus of the signal, and the flexibility it gives you to decide on different ways of trading it. The support provided in the Discord room (e.g. keeping position sizes small, and taking profits at some portion of the full, hoped-for target move) will give you invaluable insight, alongside the signals themselves.

PatternCast analyzes the underlying components that make up the market.

See, PatternCast is not just looking at what “the market” did in the past like everyone else – it’s analyzing all the “patterns” in the underlying components of the market – using every possible permutation to arrive at what we believe is the most accurate historical data-set available anywhere. This deep-dive into the underlying characteristics of the stocks and ETF’s that make up the market offers a much better insight into what transpired in the past – and helps determine with a high degree of probability – what is likely to happen the following market session.

Here’s a little sample of what we might see as part of in PatternCast’s output:

“The data suggests an open higher than the close today, a move higher intraday, then a move to close down on the session.”

Where else are you going to find that type of insight into what is likely to transpire the next day?

Here’s another example:
“The average open from the prior session was up 1.25%, the median being up at the open .55%. And, four of six times, the open was higher. That would indicate an open for Wednesday between $458 to $461.”

The following day SPY opened at 458.13. We see this all the time. The next days open – close – range – all predicted with uncanny accuracy by PatternCast.

There is no better “historical data analysis” software scan available anywhere. And the best part is that you don’t need a room full of quants or scientists or programmers – because we’ve already done the work. And everything is distilled down into a simple short email that you will receive every night – that gives you uncanny insight into what to expect for tomorrow’s market session.

We are 100% confident that after you’ve experienced a week or two of these “highly accurate market forecasts” you’ll realize that PatternCast is your new “Secret Weapon”. It will change the way you trade forever.

Imagine every single night – getting a highly-accurate data-driven forecast of what the market is likely to do the following session, including likely ranges, intraday behavior, and most importantly – the directional move from open to close. All based on “patterns” that have happened in the past. No one else is analyzing the market in this way.

Through the use of cutting-edge technology not even available until recently, PatternCast performs the deepest-dive into historical market data we know of – to discern “patterns” and frequency of patterns that have occurred in the past – and determines the probability and odds – that it will happen again tomorrow. In other words, if the underlying components of the market behaved in a very specific way 80% of the time in the past 20 years – over say 60 different data points – we have a reasonable expectation they will behave in a similar fashion tomorrow.

Patterns in the market repeat. That is the fundamental basis for everything PatternCast does.

And we’re not making up some sort of unusual claim here either. Anyone that’s been trading or investing or in the market for any length of time knows for a fact that “historical data analysis” makes up a large part of what the professional and institutions look at from day to day. We just created a much better mouse-trap than what’s been available to the individual trader. And it wasn’t easy either. PatternCast has been under development for many years now. A lot of what we are doing today wasn’t even possible in the not-so-distant past due to the computing power necessary to perform this type of analysis.

One of the best things about subscribing to the nightly PatternCast Emails is that you are free to use the information however you want. Whether you trade stocks, ETF’s, options, the indexes or Futures, the insight you will have into the market on a daily basis is guaranteed to improve your results. There might be days where you decide NOT to trade based on the signals. Knowing when NOT to trade can save you untold losses you might have racked up if you didn’t have this information.

Here’s what you get when you join our small community of PatternCast users:

Every night you will receive an email with the PatternCast scan results. Some nights it will be a simple “buy or sell at the open” and other nights it will be more detailed – such as “buy or sell at a certain price level” or what ranges to expect.

You get full access to our Live Discord Trading Room where you will get even more insight into how I’m trading my own money using the signal that day. Connect with other PatternCast users.

You are free to trade whatever instruments you want using the signals – SPY, S&P options, ES Futures etc. The daily signals are based on SPY analysis but you can take advantage of the information in any number of ways.

One of the best features of your PatternCast membership is our Live Trading Room.

This is NOT your typical chat room.

Inside our Discord trading room I provide in-depth analysis of the PatternCast signals every trading day and show you exactly how I am trading the signals.

This is a a no-nonsense room and there’s no discussion of anything that’s not related to the PatternCast signals and the way I’m trading them with my own real money

As you see from the detailed alerts – many days there’s a lot more to the signals than just buy or sell. PatternCast provides ranges, probabilities, targets and a lot of detailed insight into what the market is expected to do today. So the Discord room is the place to get real-time analysis of both the signals – and how I’m trading them. For instance one day the signal might be to “Buy at the open” and we know the expected / average move up – so I might say that I’m “taking profits up here” or “don’t let this win turn into a loss”.

The Discord Room is included with your PatternCast Membership
Whether you’re an experienced trader or just starting out – imagine how you can profit knowing what the market is likely to do tomorrow. You’ll have detailed insight into what type of ranges to expect – where levels to take profits will be – and how I’m trading the signals with my own money..

Imagine the mistakes you’ll avoid – and the confidence you will have – going into every trading session knowing what the market is likely to do that day.

Here’s What You Get with PatternCast Signals and Alerts

1) Email Alert before 7:00 PM Eastern Time right in your inbox

2) Discord Live Trading Room access

3) Clear “Buy” or “Sell” signals – with additional analysis

4) Max Potential vs Targets

5) 90-day Guarantee (make at least $500 or your next 90-days are free)

6) No personal trading advice – You have the flexibility to trade whatever instrument you want using our data

No more trying to guess what the market is going to do tomorrow. Join now and get our accurate market forecasts right in your email for tomorrow’s market session.


Monthly Subscription Only $129 per Month
Nightly Signal Alert Emails – Discord Trading Room – Everything is included – No upsells


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PatternCast –  Predictive Data Models

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