PatternCast Pioneers

PatternCast Pioneers

PatternCast is not just a set of algorithms. The PatternCast family includes people who believe there is a better way. These are people who see the “big picture,” and want to move beyond the constraints of fear, greed, impatience, and, and doubt.

These are PatternCast Pioneers.

“…level the playing field…”

PatternCast Pioneer, “DRS
I’m one of PatternCast’s members (from the very beginning). I’ve seen the service developing into what’s now the most advanced, data-driven daily strategy guidance for retail traders. It’s unchallenged now in respect to interpretation of patterns in market data, filtering and signal generation as well as personal guidance of members/friends.

And that’s Don’s (Founder of PatternCast) greatest thrive, to level the playing field between the Wall Street Professionals and the Retail Trader, enabling and cultivating success for the latter.

It has sometimes felt almost like “cheating!”

PatternCast Pioneer, “MD”
PatternCast provides a valuable, and significant, statistical edge for trading.  Thanks to its extensively back-tested evolution over the last few years, the service has reached a level of reliability which gives me the confidence to trade based on the likelihood of a directional move from open to close, with uncanny accuracy.  It has sometimes felt almost like “cheating!”  Since I’m based in Asia, I’ve recently started to interpret one type of signal (where a specific buy price, much lower than the previous close, or a specific sell price, much higher than the previous close, is specified), to trade reliably based on the implied pre-market move down or up; squeezing additional value from the service.  I love the simplicity and laser focus of the signal, and the flexibility it gives me to decide on different ways of trading it. I’d also like to note that I was a complete futures trading beginner when I first stumbled across PatternCast.  The support provided in the Discord channel (e.g. keeping position sizes small, and taking profits at some portion of the full, hoped-for target move) have been invaluable, alongside the signals themselves.

I am not looking for the next one anymore.

PatternCast Pioneer, “R”
“Since joining, I have been totally impressed with the signals from PatternCast. No more digging through charts, using useless indicators, just to guess on direction. PatternCast has changed my trading,  (During a time when trading is very difficult from what the experts say)  I have tried many services, this is the first service that after using for over a month, I am not looking for the next one anymore.”

PatternCast is like having the answers to a multiple-choice test before the exam is given.

PatternCast Pioneer, B
PatternCast is like having the answers to a multiple-choice test before the exam is given. If you follow the instructions, don’t get too nervous, you might just beat the quiz.

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