PatternCast is unlike anything else available on the market anywhere.

Imagine knowing what the market is likely to do tomorrow.

PatternCast was born out of frustration and losses.

I was frustrated that – no matter what I tried – my own intuition led me to mounting losses as a trader.

It didn’t matter what guru I followed. It didn’t matter what technical analysis tool I used. And, it didn’t matter whether I used targets, stop-losses, and time-tested money-management skills.

I’d have days, weeks, sometimes months of gains, then, my account would either revert back to the mean slowly, or (more likely the case) implode because of one bad trade.

From the ashes of this decade-long cycle of building up, then tearing down, I stepped away for a while to think. Just to think about what worked, what didn’t, and ask myself how to do more of the former – and less of the latter.

I realized that everything I did which worked well was based on patterns. Everything I did that turned out to be a loser was based on the chaos of my own emotions, tendencies, and self-delusion that I’d “figured it out.”

The good news was I’d found what worked. The bad news was I would need to hire programmers to provide a platform to use that we now know as “PatternCast.”

Over the course of 8-years, my team of programmers and traders developed a powerful suite of software tools that do three things:

1) Find patterns in financial data

2) Analyze the past results of those patterns on potential profitable trades

3) Provide statistical guidance on trades to take based on the analysis.

These “patterns” are not – let me be clear – are NOT simply “price” patterns. They are NOT a look-back using candlesticks, “volume profile,” or any other specific technical indicator.

To explain the pattern-finding, analysis, and predictive algorithms would take a stack of “white papers.” So, let me give you an analogy:

What other “pattern recognition” tools hope to find are – what we call – linear patterns. Patterns that, over time, can be catalogued, compared, and used to analyze where a particular financial instrument may go next. While that sounds similar to PatternCast, it’s not.

PatternCast uses that as a baseline. Then, PatternCast creates – what we call – 3D pattern models that incorporate as many (or few) added factors that give a vibrant, organic, structured look at the current dataset as compared to many years of past data.

Once a pattern is recognized, it’s then tested against hundreds of potential scenarios in an “AI”-type environment that teaches PatternCast what the best potential setup will be using the prior data.

We spent nearly $250,000 in programming and testing to get PatternCast in your hands. This was real money – not “sweat equity” – that allowed a team of programmers to give us the most powerful, unique, and potentially-profitable tool to find, analyze, and, create high-quality trades with.

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